Frank Ferrante and the legendary Liliane Montevecchi

Frank Ferrante and the legendary Liliane Montevecchi

When comedian Frank Ferrante suggested that he interview the legendary Liliane Montevecchi for a podcast for our audience, we leapt at the chance to listen in on a lively conversation between these two dynamic forces of nature.

Listen to the podcast:

Frank’s first opportunity to work with Liliane in the final show, “L’Affaire d’Amour” at our old location in Belltown back in 2007. In that show their characters rarely if ever interacted, but Frank was absolutely smitten by Liliane.

“She’s a master,” says Frank. “Here I am, an American actor specializing in brash comedy getting to play directly with an elegant, Parisian diva. When (director) Norm Langill suggested that we work together on a new show, I thought here’s my chance to work with one of the most talented people around. She’s an exacting performer and expects the very best from everyone and if you’re in the center ring with her, you better be able to keep up -and that to me was very exciting.”

Rachel DeShon get fitted into her "Candy Girl" costume with Louise DiLenge, Heather Andress and Jennifer Svenson.

Rachel DeShon get fitted into her "Candy Girl" costume with Louise DiLenge, Heather Andress and Jennifer Svenson.

Recently, Beaver Bauer from our San Francisco venue made a trip to Seattle to work with Teatro ZinZanni’s Contessa DeLuxe Louise DiLenge. Louise had a short window when she knew that she would be able to introduce Beaver to Bottega ZinZanni contributor Luly Yang.

Louise gave the Marketing office a call and said, “hey, you might just want to be there when we all get together for the first time… It could get interesting.” We packed up the microphone, gave her a quick tutorial in Podcasting, and she returned the next day with this interesting piece about designing for Bottega ZinZanni, the circus and how they each ended up working on this all-new show.

Steve Clare, Seattle’s Fine Arts editor, recently published his interview with Luly Yang about her collaboration with Teatro ZinZanni on our current show, Bottega ZinZanni. Read the interview here.

Back in April, Teatro ZinZanni collaborated with Luly Yang Couture on an advance photoshoot for Bottega ZinZanni. We hired Michael Doucett and took Luly’s gorgeous butterfly dress to his Pioneer Square studio where we captured some stunning images. The video below is a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

The littlest diva, Rachel DeShon, plays a big role in the upcoming show, “Bottega ZinZanni.” Her character, Gabby,┬áis the candy girl at Caesar’s fabulous club Teatro ZinZanni. When Caesar (played by comedian Frank Ferrante) convinces the famous fashion designer (and his former lover) Dina Monte, played by the legendary Liliane Montevecchi, to come to Seattle to debut her fall collection, Gabby’s life is transformed in more ways than one. Here is Luly Yang‘s sketch of Gabby’s costume for the finale.


The “Fashion Police” Ming and Rui will be the talk of the tent in these beautifully-tailored original suits designed by Luly Yang Couture in “Bottega ZinZanni – All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go,” opening tonight at Teatro ZinZanni and playing through October 11, 2009.

Ming and Rui runway

Think Pink! The legendary Liliane Montevecchi stars as the famous fashion designer Dina Monte in Bottega ZinZanni – All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go. She makes her entrance in this glittering pink dress, an original design by Luly Yang Couture.