Interview with Norman Durkee and Giuseppe Grazioli

Once in a great while, if we’re lucky, we come across someone whose perspective of the world is so powerfully refreshing we yearn to learn more. In our pursuit of the world of fashion in Seattle we met Giuseppe Grazioli, a young designer whose understanding of fashion as a means of self-expression goes much deeper than mere embellishment.

Classically trained as an opera singer, Giuseppe is an associate designer for Luly Yang Couture. Born in Mantua, Italy, his mother was also an opera singer and his father a harpist who played at La Scala.

“My mother was always in the scene,” he told me. “She wore lame´ to go buy bread. Fashion is a how we tell the world who we are.”

While he may look like the brainier brother from ZZ Top when he’s seated at the keyboard, Teatro ZinZanni’s Musical Director Norman Durkee is a man of many cultivated interests. Music. Photography. Painting. Food.  And Fashion.  “I follow clothes,” he says. ”Clothing is an interesting metaphor.”

Recently when Norman accompanied opera singer Rachel DeShon to be fitted for her wedding gown at Luly Yang Couture, he struck up a lively conversation with Giuseppe about the history of fashion.  And when the fates determined that Luly Yang would collaborate with us on our new show, Bottega ZinZanni, Norman figured that the conversation had just begun.

Durkee Photo

Here in this podcast the conversation continues as Norman and Giuseppe talk about everything from how to take care of silk worms to the music of Existentialism to the language of fabric and the search for perfection.

Interview with Norman Durkee and Giuseppe Grazioli